2004 – Sanbe-Farma / Kinetics Australia Pty Ltd
Employing high-level software products, three large projects were commissioned in the Large Sterile Saline Compounding facility in Bandung, Indonesia.” To do any more, I’ll need more technical information.

2012 – M&W / Phebra Pharmaceuticals: Turnkey WFI Project
Complete turnkey management design build, install and commissioning of software and electrical for Phebra’s WFI Plant at their new facilities in North Ryde utilising VIPA PLC with Wonderware SCADA including Prodef as the high level engineering tool

2013 – M&W / Virbac Pharmaceuticals: Turnkey Vaccine Blending Tank Project
Virbac Australia is a specialist animal health company with its core business in cattle and sheep products, veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Requirement was to build a fully automated batching system for a new blending tank in their facilities. VIPA (Siemens Equivalent) and Wonderware Intouch PLC and SCADA was selected for the control system. We managed the electrical design, installation and created the functional specification and operations manuals as well as implementing the control software.

2009 – United Group Infrastructure – UGL / Sydney Water: Site Commissioning
6 months Assistance with commissioning of $80 million project for Sydney Water, build on Prodef Technology utilising Siemens PLC and Serck’s SCX6 SCADA System (Also called ClearSCADA).

2010 – Serck Controls (Now Schneider): Various Site Services
A project at Warragamba Dam requiring streamlining of GE-Fanuc custom built redundancy which had never worked. We removed the redundant PLC and made it a single PLC setup. Work also included modifications to the site Citect SCADA. In addition, a large data mapping sheet was created as software maintenance for the site which was extremely difficult due to specific driver mapping ambiguities between GE-Fanuc and Citect. I also worked on the GE-Fanuc Genius Dual LAN Bus system.

At Woronora Dam, a requirement was to upgrade their Citect SCADA from version 6.1 2 version 7.1. This caused many issues as the site was very complex especially in reporting configuration mostly done in ci-code which all had to be re-tested due to various inconsistencies between the old Citect version and the new.

In addition to this, the scope included the installation of a product called SCADAPhone for paging of personnel during both manned and none manned operational hours.

2013 – SAS / Hannanprint: Turnkey Waste Water Treatment Plant
In partnership with SAS Water, we approached Hannanprint during their relocation from Alexandria to Warwick Farm and proposed a new water treatment plant for their new facilities. Given the production occurring on both sites for a period of time it was financially sounder to build a new treatment plant for the new site as opposed to relocating the old plant.

We designed and built the system from mechanical to electrical to software and documentation in collaboration with SAS water, a well-established water solutions company.

A VIPA (Siemens Equivalent) PLC and Movicon (An Italian SCADA software company) HMI running on a VIPA windows CE panel was used for controls.

2011 – Brolton / Hanson Precast: Total Software Re-write And Commissioning
Pre-fabricated Concrete wall manufacturer factory relocation leading to total re-build of Siemens software with MP370’s. Software build with object oriented structure allowing for pre-FAT of full functionality in simulation, leading to a total of 2 weeks on site commissioning with very little flaws, very robust and reliable performance.

2007 – Reckitt Benckiser / Foodmach Pty Ltd: Two Large Turnkey Projects
Two Complete turn-key can line conveyor projects, Electrical design/build, Software design/build site installation and commissioning, using Rockwell Controllogix 500 V16 with full function block instantiation and faceplate objects on Panelview + HMI panels.

2012 – Stramit: New Roll Form Corrugated Roof Stacker Machine
Stramit Building Products is a major Australian manufacturer of roll-formed steel building products, including roof and wall cladding, guttering, fascia, purlins, flooring and structural formwork.

Stramit purchased a stacker machine from a US based company. Machine performance did not meet Stramit’s throughput requirements and it was identified that a big reason for this was due to inappropriately used PLC software methods. Software was written with latching technology not suited for this real time performing machine.

We had to rewrite all aspects of the software including dynamic positioning for a vast selection of various sheet length sent to the roll former from the ordering system and further onto the Allen Bradley PLC for setup of various mechanical positioning changing rapidly during production.

After completion the machine went from producing around 450m per hour to 750m per hour of corrugated roof sheets.

2013 – Lion Nathan Dairy/ Foodmach Pty Ltd: New Install Commissioning
Foodmach installed two new pick and place ABB robot lines at Lion Nathan Dairy at Wetherill Park. Process control and line adaptation challenges as well as the undertaking of acquiring the skill set to work with ABB robots made this project highly interesting.

Ongoing Site assistance was provided on a needs basis. The control system was built using Allen Bradley Controllogix Panelview plus HMI panels and ABB Robots for pick and place of carton packed products directly on pallets using uni-gripper vacuum heads.

2015 – Beak & Johnston: BMS Management System Project
A new facility was built at Arndell Park to handle the increasing demand of ready meals such as Jamie Oliver and Kylie kwon to the Australian supermarkets.

The BMS system consists of a distributed VIPA PLC system with Wonderware’s System platform as the SCADA system. Wonderware system platform talks to all plant process and utilities equipment via the Kepware manufacturing suite utilising the various drivers within the package as well as some add on once.

The distributed PLC system looks after connections to building equipment that do not have readily available means of communicating with the outside world, such as air pressure, room temperature, and energy consumptions.

2016 – Foodmach / Lion Tooheys’s Depalletiser Control And Safety Upgrade
Siemens Control and safety upgrade of two existing De-palletisers. Fully integrated Safety aspects of fortress gate entries with request to enter and controlled shutdown. Complete electrical and Software turnkey project including replacement of old Allen Bradley PLC with safety Integrated Siemens S7 319F system and TIA HMI.

2017 – Toshiba International – Bus Battery Fast Charger Project
Software design using Toshiba PLC S2 and Intouch ME HMI for battery storage charging and discharging unit. Automated charging of electric bus via grid or stored capacity in batteries. Canbus interfacing with electric bus and AC/DC, DC/DC converters and smart batteries. Battery capacity of 1080 Amperage for charging electric bus in 15 minutes.