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Sewage Plants such as biological processes, dewatering and thickening processes. Bottle manufacturing plants including bin Handling, Pre-form handling and re-granulation. Beverage plants, Ice cream processes, meat processing, trolley washers. PET recycling processes.

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“I am impressed with this book! It is a delightful guide, full of important information for those who are new to the industry as well as industry veterans. It clearly discusses automation principles in common man’s language rather than programmer’s jargon and has many real-life examples, which makes it easy to understand.

I would recommend this book to all manufacturing operations and engineering management teams to get the grasp of basics involved in successful automation. I especially like the many practical, down-to-earth suggestions Torben offers, including how we can improve automation practices for the ultimate survival and betterment of the Australian manufacturing industry to make it “rise like a phoenix from the ashes”.

This is not just a splendid book; it is a spectacular one. It is fastidiously researched and profusely illustrated and will certainly make you think and change your thought processes around automation implementation practices. And it’s no exaggeration to say that the book reflects Torben’s enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism his qualities shine through on every page.”

Amit Patel

New Projects Manager, VIRBAC Australia PTY Limited

“Problem Solved is a must-read for all those that interact, design or depend upon machines in this day and age. Torben has distilled the complexity that seems so impenetrable for so many into a narrative that is engaging as well as informative. It would be especially useful for those without a technical background to inform themselves of the thought processes of professionals that have the passion to “do it right” the first time.

All machines that we use today, almost without exception, depend on microprocessors and, more importantly, the programming of those microprocessors. This includes everything from your coffee maker to your washing machine to your car, not to mention manufacturing machines.

This book illustrates what must be done to lay the foundation of good code and the difficulties that can be encountered, as well as how to approach programming in order for machines and processes to deliver their promise.”

Marc Christensen

National Engineering Manager, Stramit Building Products

“This book is a wonderful insight into how the right automation techniques can improve the efficiencies of today’s production line. I have been engaging Torben to work on automation projects for the last 12 years, including improving efficiencies of existing plant safety upgrades to bring equipment up to today’s standards as well as new installations.

As an OEM we require the best outcomes when completing work for our clients and Torben provides this. His attitude and attention to detail, flexibility and work are why he is a preferred supplier of mine. His book is definitely worth reading.”

Daniel Smith

Project Engineer of an Australian OEM

“A good read full of anecdotes and pearls of wisdom on the mysteries of industrial automation. Torben has always been ahead of the game and innovative in a very complex and rapidly changing world. This book is a measure of his passion for understanding and commitment to best practice in all projects he undertakes.”

Peter Horn

Principal Engineer, AB Mandal Group Pty Ltd

“I have worked with Torben on multiple projects over the years and have seen the practical outcomes of his methods on real systems. There is no doubt that he has the vision to scale the changing approach to automation in a real practical way.

This book takes a very practical approach to solving the biggest challenge in automation industry today, software platform independence. Torben is spot on when he says that “elevation of software platforms must continue, gradually eliminating the lower trivial layers of coding.”

The time has come when software needs to break its shackles and become independent of the hardware. Focusing on process rather than coding will help the automation industry achieve what it aspires to.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for more efficiency during the design of automation projects and later in regards to production efficiency and long-term systems maintainability.

I hope Torben’s book shakes up current thinking and actually brings about long-awaited changes that are needed by the control industry.”

Rohit Sandlesh

Site Manager, Austech

“Having been at the manufacturing coal-face for decades and personally seen the impact of ‘crap code’ on machine efficiency and fault recovery, Torben has captured all his first-hand experience, distilled it and shared it in this book.

Whether you’re an Operations, Engineering or Production Manager, you owe it to your business to understand the steps you can take to minimise downtime, increase throughput, improve overall efficiency and reduce operator frustration.

The book guides you to ask certain questions such as, “Do you own the code in your machines?” o raise awareness that you might not! These questions help you understand the risks to your business and how to mitigate them. They also influence purchasing decisions by ensuring equipment specifications include requirements for ‘open source,’ meaning you’re prepared for the IIoT, Industry 4.0 and The Smart Factory.

Read this book, read it again, and then share it amongst your teams. You’ll be rewarded time and time again, and your operators and CFO will love you for it!”

John Broadbent

Director of mQ Intelligence and Adjunct Professor of Engineering at UTS