Company History

Manufacturing companies are often unaware of the short- and long-term cost implications that poor controls implementations have on their productivity and efficiency.

Continuous downtime and maintenance, which often results in new and expensive controls software redevelopments, costs manufacturers an enormous amount of money in Australia and worldwide.

Too often, the controls aspects of machinery and its role in total solutions are neglected and even undermined in light of today’s technological advances and budgetary restraints.

Alsinger Integration was established to help manufacturers improve their implementation strategies and to educate the manufacturing industry about the importance of using appropriate and specialised skills to ensure reliable and lasting solutions.

Today, the company continues its work with OEMs, manufacturing process engineers and others to develop more robustness and reliability in their systems, thereby minimising downtime and maintenance to their existing and future plants and processes.

The company is led by Torben Kjaer, Australia’s most respected authority for project or engineering managers who want to get the most profitability from their manufacturing production lines. With over three decades of experience in the manufacturing automation industry with both small businesses and large multibillion dollar corporations, Torben has seen and handled complex foundational issues that plague line performance, such as the ability of machines and processes to self-recover after genuine production stoppages and misleading or absent live data reporting that leaves operators and maintenance personnel confused and in the dark .

Alsinger Integration can help you identify the true underlying performance issues often hidden in the “secret” world of software controls implementation and principles. Old assets can come alive and produce far better results than they have in their lifetime so far, saving the cost of often inflated modern equipment purchases.